Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, today is Valentine's day I am sick with the flu! So, it looks like no romatic dinner and flowers for me. On the up side I can lay in bed and asked to served like a queen. (I will just pretend my chicken noodle soup is some romantic dish from Italy or Paris.)

I had lots of fun making Valentines this year. I made these little mailboxes and put love notes on the inside. They were made out if tin and I dressed them up with paper and ribbons. They were so stinkin' cute and sold out before I had time to relish in my creative juices.

I ordered some of the new paper from BasicGrey and those will be available in my ebay store by the beginning of March. Really great stuff. But then again when doesn't BasicGrey put out anything wonderful. There is a link on my favortie links to the store.

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